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Andean condor over Collca canyonCollca is an electronic publisher specialising in non-fiction bitesize ebooks for popular ereading devices such as Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPad, Barnes & Noble's Nook and Kobo's eponymous ereader. We cover a wide range of subjects including biography, health, reference, sport and travel. Our titles are available from hundreds of popular ebook retailers all around the world.

We also publish a number of apps for Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. These are mainly history titles.

We're always keen to find additional authors to help us expand our publishing programme – click here for details.


Collca largely concentrates on publishing bitesize ebooks of around 15,000-25,000 words currently in seven series. However, a few titles are significantly longer than this. Most of our ebooks are illustrated.Kindle eReader

Collca currently publishes a number of other titles that fall outside these series: 100 Brief Encounters, Inside Stories for Writers and Readers,  My Enemy, My FriendWriting to Get Published and Writing Your Nonfiction Book.


1066 In An Hour app on iPhoneAs far as apps are concerned, Collca concentrates mainly on book-derived and other educational and reference titles. All our current titles are also published as ebooks by their originators and in some cases also as audio books. All the current apps are available in the Apple iTunes App Store. All but one of these are in one of two series:

Collca currently publishes one iOS app outside these two historical series: Writing to Get Published.

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